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PS3 over DVI (HMDI ---> DVI)

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I've been interested in getting my PS3 to work over DVI for a while now. As far as I can tell, I should be able to do this by using an HMDI cable from the PS3, and then using an HMDI to DVI converter into the DVI port on my monitor. I'm using a Samsung Syncmaster 215Tw monitor. Not only in the monitor confirmed as having HDCP compliance, but also, google turns up other people having success with hooking up a PS3 over an HMDI to DVI coverter scheme on this monitor. The HDMI to DVI converter I'm using is very similar to this (That's the closest thing I could find on Amazon. The part I acutally have is a monster brand part that says 'HDMI to DVI Video Adapter') I have also tried this before with an HMDI to DVI cable of another brand and had the same problem.

When I power on the machine, I have to do so over component initially, so that I can at least see the screen. When it asks me if I want to use HMDI, I agree that I do - But I only ever get a black screen over the Digial channel. I've tried cold-booting my monitor but that doesn't seem to help. No matter what I've tried so far, I can't get any signal from the PS3 to display over DVI.

Any assistance that anyone could provide regarding getting the PS3 to display over DVI would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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