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Good places to take a date in Seattle?

bigpandabigpanda Registered User regular
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So I don't actually have a date lined up yet, but I'm back in the game after a long hiatus and am still not all that familiar with romantic places to take a girl in Seattle. I'm 32 and the age range that I'd be dating will probably be between 24 and 36 in case this matters.

I know of Golden Gardens park and Discovery Park for sunsets but that's probably more of a 4th or 5th date kind of location. First date locations should be somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other without too many distractions but enough that it might give us something to talk about if conversation starts to stall.

It's been years, but I always enjoyed horseback riding so that would be cool if she was into horses but will probably limit conversation unless we're able to ride side by side.

I'm not averse to doing some of this stuff on my own beforehand so I'm at least familiar with the places and how to get there when it's time for the date.

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    proXimityproXimity Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    If you wanted to go to a movie, you could try going to the Cinerama or the IMAX if you wanted to make it nicer than your standard multiplex quality theaters

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    Gnome-InterruptusGnome-Interruptus Registered User regular
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    Movies are a tough call, unless one of you has seen it before hand and can attest to it being a good one.

    I took a date to see "Invisible Man" with Kevin Bacon a long while back, it ended up being pretty disturbing and instead of going for coffee/drinks after to chat, ended up having to call it a night.

    Beyond that, for a first date depending on how well you know each other, it would be kind of uncomfortable to just sit next to them for the next 90-120min and not talking and watching a screen.

    I would suggest a coffee place or pub within walking distance of a nice club or theater in case things take a turn a turn for the awesome.

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    JohnnyCacheJohnnyCache Starting Defense Place at the tableRegistered User regular
    edited February 2009
    Yeah Invisible Man was kind of like the Cable Guy - Advertised as one thing, definitely actually WAS another.

    Seattle's an easy town, man - you have good weather, everything's close together, there's a ton of good restaurants...

    Personally, I like an active date that is still a little goofy. (Like say, mini-golf, not regular golf). That way there's a tone of humor and you get to see each other . . . you know, actually doing something, not just sitting there. Dinner is a second activity to me, a drink, or lunch or coffee or something is a first activity.

    I like inviting people to things I was going to do anyway, like a party at a friends' house or a casual poker night or watching a game at a bar (OK that one won't work every time but she was a sports fan)

    If you can swing a horse ride without making it sound way contrived - chicks love horses. I'm generalizing, some girls are she-nerds and don't like doing things, and there is the rare girl that has been kicked by a horse, but in general, horses are right up there with handsome, sensitive doctors.

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