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[Recruit] Winter is Coming: A Game of Thrones D20 Campaign

ThetherooThetheroo Registered User regular
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A Game of Thrones, RPG.

I was intrigued by Asher's idea of a Game of Thrones campaign, but unfortunately that game died. However, I have been working on my own campaign taking place during the reign of King Aegon Targaryen IV, along with the assistance of TheLawinator who will semi co-host. This will be a Noble House/Band of Heroes style game, which is more based on actual dice rolling then a Game of Thrones type game. The House in question will be whatever the players want, but I'm leaning towards Baratheon, Lannister, or Tully.

Now, I am looking for 4-5 people to play this. I would appreciate people who would be able to be active in this game, both in roleplaying and in combat since it's no fun for anyone if someone doesn't talk. If you don't have the book, that's not too big a problem. Just talk to me and we'll see if we can work something out.

Slots available:
1 House Heir
1 Lower member of the family
1-2 Bannermen
1-2 Mercenaries in the service of the House

All start at Level 5/6, choose a class appropriate to your role. Such as a Noble/Man at Arms for the Heir or a Knave/Water Dancer for the mercenary.

Keep in mind that this will be my first time being a DM, and that this game has a potential to stray from canon depending on the actions of the players. I highly encourage creative thinking, if you have an idea then roll with it and I'll work with you. Any takers or questions?

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  • nefffffffffffnefffffffffff Registered User regular
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    I'm interested. I'm working on getting the book as we speak. will get back to you.

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