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Sorry mods if this is the wrong section but it seems more appropriate than the H/A.

I'm applying for another university and they require me to send in a portfolio of my work.

But apart from a few regular sized pictures all my best stuff is done in physical (paintings and some sculpture) and it's too big for a scanner, how do I transfer it over? Take a picture or something and label it or what?

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  • beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
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    this is better suited for the q&a thread but since you made the thread already, take pictures. prop the work up with good lighting, most people will hang a neutral sheet or a black sheet behind it.
    any other questions you have on the matter should be posted in q&a

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    i know in my local area, there are print shops which have big ass scanners which you can pay them to scan your work into a high quality image. Maybe try looking in yor area for something similar. Otherwise, grab a good camera, find a well lit room and photograph your work. Then obviously adjust in photoshop to look how your physical painting looks. Hope it goes well.

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  • NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
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    Taking photos of your paintings outside on an overcast day works well. Unless you have good lighting indoors, your work will probably turn out a bit yellow.

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  • KendeathwalkerKendeathwalker Registered User regular
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    Man I just spent 1500 on a nice camera and lighting set up.

    Go find yourself a professional photographer and they will take care of the rest.

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    Whatcha buy, Ken?

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    Then some lights and polarizing filter..
    Various other camera accessories tripod..bag..blah blah

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    Fancy! Both live view and video.

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    Don't scan the art; paintings aren't really meant to be scanned. Follow Beavo's and Ken's advice, and either get a professional to take a picture, or, if you don't have the scratch, do it yourself. If you want to take the pictures, there are plenty of people here that have a lot of experience with that kind of stuff who can help you, depending on your photography experience, but yeah, take it to the Q&A sticky.

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    Try putting your donger in a dishwasher and see how that comes out.
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    I too am applying to Art School (grad school, MFA). The suggestions on the websites for each school, in regard to sending digital portfolios, are advice you see above my post (pictures with good lighting for sculpture/photography - good quality photos).

    If the images look good, it shows them (whoever is looking) that you care about the work and presentation...

    ... of course, caring can translate into many things. Maybe some people think the art functions best in a crappy documented form... you're the judge!

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    Humans are still animals D:
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