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Some questions about Episode 2. (Spoilers)

SuperninfreakSuperninfreak Registered User
edited April 2009 in Penny Arcade Games
I'm at the beginning of the fair level if that matters.

1. Is there a guide of where all the fruit f***ers are? And where all the concept art and albums are?

2. Where is the mime guy's deposit box?

3. Will I get to upgrade my weapons anymore now that Anne-Claire has vanished? If so, is there anyway to get that ability as early as possible so I can have more time with the weapons I still need to get and get the overkills?

Superninfreak on


  • ShujaaShujaa Registered User
    edited April 2009
    1. Most of the FFs are either visible in plain sight, or hidden inside small items like sandwiches, dead rats/pigeons etc. The hidden ones tend to be slightly animated so you can easily tell where they are, just click on them to start the fight

    2. It's not explained very well, but you receive its contents immediately I believe - you get a mime outfit that your character can wear. Go to the office and click on the stand by the door to select it

    3. There's an upgrade machine at the World's Fair about halfway in that does the job

    Shujaa on
    Balefuego wrote: »
    When I play FPS games I just assume my dude is inside a tiny plane and he's sticking his arm out the window with a gun.
  • SuperninfreakSuperninfreak Registered User
    edited April 2009

    1. I know that, but some I haven't found yet. I can't find 120 parts worth of the asylum's ones for example. An actual guide would help.

    2. Actually, turns out according to the inventory the key is supposed to be used in Ep 3.

    Superninfreak on
  • dark_porpoisedark_porpoise Registered User
    edited April 2009
    For the last ones, check the morgue room you enter, it's in one of the "cabinets." It's the room you enter after getting past the guard when you and Gabe and Tycho are locked up.

    dark_porpoise on
  • toriantorian Registered User
    edited April 2009 many a guide for PAA there.

    torian on
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