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Running a D&D Game at the college...

CogliostroCogliostro Marginal OpinionsSpring, TXRegistered User regular
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And it's my first real DM position. I've already got a group signed up and once we pick a day we'll be good to go. I need some ideas for good adventures. I'm going to be working them really quickly into the 1st level Sunless Citadel module, but I wouldn't mind some ideas for after. The game will be run in Forgotten Realms as I enjoy that world and want to use it a lot.

Any good modules that'd work for 3-4th level characters? Once we get done with SC they'll hopefully be 3rd level.

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    panksea06panksea06 Registered User regular
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    Slightly off topic but try to set a given day of the week to game, like wensday night or whatever. I have seen a few epic games every monday night at my school that have run for years.

    I couldn't get in them

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    falconirefalconire Registered User regular
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    I've been DMing in forgotten realms for ten years and I could give you a huge list of ideas, if not several full adventures if you want them. My suggestion is to use the idea that getting there is half the battle. An example would be as follows for a campaign idea (and feel free to use it if you like it or any others I feel like thinking of)

    1) The players are somewhere in the dales an banded together on a previous adventure. They take a quest to search an old ruin for treasure they heard about. They get there and face a challenging threat from ogres or something but don't find a lot of treasure. What they do find is a deed to a manor, signed, in a far off town somewhere they've never heard about. The rest of the campaign is getting to that said manor and then whatevers in the manor to begin with. (I used this in my second campaign where they started near Voonlar and traveled down to cormyr, through the western heartlands, to waterdeep and up into the north to jalanthar before they got it.)

    2) A foriegn wizard is offering good money for adventures on a quest that is said to be all about stopping a massive drow threat from the underdark. The players all meet at a tavern along with fifty other adventurers. They are interviewed, compete with other adventurers for who'se the best and then suddenly them and everyone else is teleported (with the inn) to a random place in the underdark. There was no drow threat. The foriegn wizard was just crazy. (My best player came up with this concept).

    3) The PC's are drawn together by different factions and are searching for a lost netheresse object. They hear rumor of a netheresse city buried in a foreign land and must get there. When they do they find a mad but childlike lich who claims a famous adventurers already find the item but said something about visiting candlekeep to learn more about it. The PC's then travel to candlekeep and after weeks of searching find a note in a book that the other adventure left, giving yet another clue as to where it has gone. This is a wild goose chase/intrigue campaign (I used it with an evil campaign which was... Interesting.)

    Hope some of these help.

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