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ElinElin Registered User regular
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Have any of you used Chegg? I've read the reviews and they are pretty evenly mixed between GREAT and HORRID with nothing in between. I'm taking summer semester and I have to pay out of pocket for tuition and buying the books even used is 200$ and renting from Chegg would only be 100$. My wallet reeealy wants that 100$ option. So ... anyone have first hand knowledge of them?

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  • pinenut_canarypinenut_canary Registered User regular
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    I've never heard of Chegg, but my friends and I use and amazon as our main source for text books.


    Okay, sorry, I just went to Chegg and I found out that it's for renting books instead of buying, and and amazon are of course for buying text books. I did a blanket search for various books, and for most of them, you can buy the books for cheaper off of instead of renting them from Chegg. I think if you run searches on both Half and Chegg, and then choose the cheaper out of Chegg, Half, and Amazon, then that would be best.

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  • EggyToastEggyToast Jersey CityRegistered User regular
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    I've had two classmates use it regularly, and they like it. That's pretty spendy, though. I personally buy used on Amazon and then sell it back again. The worst that's happened is I only get half my money back. Typically I get 75% or more back. So if I buy a book for $150, I sell it for like $140, and with fees/shipping I end up with about $115, so it cost $45 to "rent" it from Amazon.

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