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So I'm returning back to school for animation soon, and I figured it's about damned time I actually start working on getting myself comfortable with 3d animation software and back up to the level I used to be at.

I found my only 3d animation I made back then:

And, well, it's not horrible, but a lot of the problems that I was pointing out in Jazzman's thread definitely are at play here. So I'm putting my money where my mouth is and going through doing simple ball bounces and trying to get the weight to click (while at the same time re-learning the software. I haven't really been active with it for around 3 years).

And so far this is what I've come up with (probably around 2-3 hours on this from setup to where it is now):

Just wondering how it's looking so far. My goal was for about the weight and properties of a pool ball. I feel I got that, but there's something slightly off about it still. I'm going to do some others of these with various weights until I think I have this down, but give me any feedback you can think of on this one and I'll try to strengthen it up some.

No I don't.
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  • FletcherFletcher Registered User regular
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    i'm not in any way schooled in animation, but it seems to slow down as it approaches the ledge, then suddenly speed up and jet away as it bounces

    just my two cents anyway :P

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    No, you're definitely right. I think I might forgo the ledge for a few of these. It's needlessly complicating things.

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    No I don't.
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    It slows down too quickly, does it have disk brakes?

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    I feel like the ball starts slow enough that when it falls off the ledge it shouldn't move very far at all, rolling more than bouncing. or alternatively, get it to move of the ledge faster. If you do keep it fast, it needs to stop much slower and roll back from hitting the wall.

    Any comments on my ball bounce in my thread btw?

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