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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory graphics issues

SithDrummerSithDrummer Registered User regular
edited December 2006 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey everyone, I did a search here and on Google and couldn't find anything that was really helpful.

I'm playing Chaos Theory, updated to v1.05 and using the Shader Model 3.0. Generally, when the level starts, it caches the stuff you need for SM3.0 and then you can play; on the second mission though, while it's caching there are very noticeable, white jagged edges outlining many dark objects and silhouettes.

As I am at work, I can't post a screenshot just yet, though I will once I get home. I just want to see if anyone is familiar with this issue and can provide any solutions, or at least reasons, why it does this.

Edit: I'm kind of an idiot, forgot my own relevant specs.
Athlon 64 2800+
GeForce FX 6600
1GB DDR RAM (I believe it's 333 MHz, but I don't recall precisely)

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