Search Function Request/Bugfix - "Too short" shouldn't trip cooldown timer

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Disclaimer - this is a suggestion/opinion/"that seems off to me" posting, feel free to ignore this and tell me I suck cocks or whatever it is you guys usually do with those.

We all know that you can't search for anything with <4 characters, that's already been covered.

But clicking that button and getting the "Too Short" error really shouldn't trip the 60-second cooldown timer, because, well, you didn't really do a search.

Not sure if it's just How Things Work, but I thought it might be a worthwhile suggestion.

And now that the 60 seconds are up, time to throw quotes around the phrase and try again.

Edit - Uh, yeah. If that was doing what it looked like it was doing, my bad guys. But that's a separate issue in and of itself I guess.

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    Sorry to be rude but this has been brought up over four thousand times now and I don't think I can address it again without bleeding out of my ears.

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