Just some of my drawings

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hey fellas mind if I post some un finished drawing and you Critique the hell outa them?



bomb edit: resize those jeeze, 2.5mb pictures are not necessary.

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    Jesus dude, size your pictures down. It took like 5 minutes for them to finish downloading.

    What are you planning on doing with your art? Are you interested in making a career of it or is it more of a hobby? Depending on what you want to do will help us guide you down the path. If you're interested in becoming a professional artist buckle up for some harsh critiques and some hard work and hours upon hours of practice.

    Anyways, these are both very heavy handed and lacking in fundamentals. My advice is to spend some time in the Questions and Discussion thread and do a few tutorials. Buy this book, this book and read this one. The best thing for you to do is to just draw. I know it sounds stupid but just draw everything, from still life, from photos, go to a coffee shop and draw the people there. Just get a lot of miles under your drawing belt and continue to post here for critique.

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    also: stop drawing on lined paper

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    Well, your drawings try to tell a story, which is one thing you have going for you.

    Do everything DeeLock said, but I'm going to add in Andrew Loomis's Fun With a Pencil. There's a link to Loomis's books in the questions and discussion thread, so go download them, they're free.

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    here is a sktech I did after reading your comments, feet are still a challenge.


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    The images in this post are sitting neatly at 2.4 and 3 megabytes, respectively.

    Really should resize them.

    Okay, I am like the worst artist in this place but I will try and help.

    First thing you gotta do is slow down. Your drawings here look like you finished them in the space of 15-30 minutes apiece, which really is not helping the quality at all.

    Secondarily, learn about shadow and form definition (the differences between firm, hard, and soft shadows) and draw some still lifes. Spend some time on them.

    Tertiarily, Pick up a book and really kind of study proportion and work on the anatomy of individual body parts. Learn how to measure, look at your stuff in a mirror, and really ask yourself, "What could I have done differently/better?", which I'd love to offer advice on, except that that is precisely what I myself am struggling with right now. Actually all of the above.

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  • Daniel_ArayaDaniel_Araya Registered User
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    I have to echo everything said so far, studies will go a long way for you. Don't worry about good or bad drawings for a while, just study the shit out of everything. GO to life drawing, memorize anatomy, draw everything around and you, AND draw shit from your imagination too. Draw from your favorite artists, just make sure you do ALL that stuff, and you'll just steadily improve.

    I started to write out a critique, but thought it would be more helpful if i did a draw-over. This is probably not totally correct, I didn't have time to consult an anatomy book. I hope it helps though.


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    feels good man

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    Thanks a bunch guys!!!

    Ive bought some books and drawn some more doodles, I think I will post them up soon.

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    and this I did today


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  • ScosglenScosglen Registered User regular
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    Stay far away from digital art. You are literally years away from being ready for digital tools.

    All you need right now is a pencil and paper.

    As DeeLock previously asked and you didn't answer; telling us what you intend to do with your drawing will help us tailor our advice.

    Anyway, you are a beginner. It's as simple as this:
    If you want to get better at drawing, you need to draw and study from life more than anything. Post your results and let us guide you on how to do better next time. Rinse and repeat for a few years and you might move up to intermediate.

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    christ my aim is to get through thg god damn hsc

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