This weekend, I made a song. It's still a WIP, and I would love some feedback.

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Going into it, I had literally no idea what would come out of my recording. Saturday night, I laid down a basic rhythm guitar and a beat. Sunday, I almost abandoned it, but something made me sit down and poke at my project file for a few minutes. I wound up spending most of the day adding to what I'd done the night before.

The song is called Ascertain This. (That's a link to a streaming version).

What do you guys think?

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  • DTtheLEGENDDTtheLEGEND Registered User regular
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    not alot of comments, eh?
    Ill give ya one.

    As far as the instrumentation goes, its really well done.
    the vocals remind me of the cure i dont know if thats the vibe you were going for, but
    thats what you hit (with considerations for modern music [i.e. the heavy guitars])
    with this. if thats what you were aiming for - you win.

    I also looked at crystal clear which i happen to like better because i make industrial and
    trance, but yes- you have a good thing here.

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  • shovelkid001shovelkid001 Registered User
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    Everything sounds really clean. What are you using to record your vocals/guitar pieces?

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  • iglidanteiglidante Registered User
    Just an SM58 through a little interface, cleaned up with iZotope RX.

  • KaseiusKaseius Registered User regular
    I can't really offer too much advice, since it's not my type, but the sounds are really clean and well balanced. Instruments work well during the intro! -- Let's Plays
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