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$20 PSN card, having and oddly difficult time choosing what to get.

DarkSymphonyDarkSymphony Registered User
edited January 2012 in Games and Technology
long and the short of it: my girlfriend is awesome and always surprises me with stuff, got my a $20 PSN card, I have a bunch of PSN games as it is and really i've narrowed the choice down to:

Strangers Wrath HD
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age
Castlevania HoD

I'm trying to get a game with a bunch of meat on its bones, some great gameplay and solid length.

I almost always get the pixel junk stuff, smaller type games, but this time I want a full on experience.

Is Strangers Wrath awesome because it was great back then and the atmosphere is good? or does it have awesome gameplay and solid length?

I loved every IGA-vania, is HoD worth it?

loved ME1, played 2 hours into 2 and it seemed great, but does it maintain being great?

I almost beat Dragon Age, but I think the one on PSN has a bunch of extra's, so that might make it worth it.


DarkSymphony on


  • mntorankusumntorankusu Registered User regular
    Mass Effect 2 seems like an easy choice, to me.

    I miss all of the RPG elements that they removed from the first game (like a story), but it's still really, really good.

  • Renegade WolfRenegade Wolf Registered User regular
    Yeah I'd go with Mass Effect 2

    Really fun game

  • Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    everyone's gonna say ME2 but get stranger's wrath because fuuuck that is a good game

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  • DarkSymphonyDarkSymphony Registered User
    hmmm I see Dragon Age 2 is 20 bucks too. it sucks though right?

  • BlandlytastefulBlandlytasteful Registered User regular
    My vote is for Mass Effect 2 as well, unless you can get the 360 version and continue your story from the first. If you go that route, I would say either Stranger's Wrath or Dragon Age II. Don't forget that 12 for 12 promotion going on right now, too, even though you said you want super full fledged type things. A one two of Rochard and Payday could be a good time.

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  • DhalphirDhalphir don't you open that trapdoor you're a fool if you dareRegistered User regular
  • -Tal-Tal Registered User regular
    hmmm I see Dragon Age 2 is 20 bucks too. it sucks though right?

    nope it is excellent

  • FreiFrei A French Prometheus Unbound Registered User regular
    -Tal wrote:
    hmmm I see Dragon Age 2 is 20 bucks too. it sucks though right?

    nope it is excellent


    DA2 is okay at best but basically a large step down from DA1. It's not terrible. It's decently long. ME2 is by far the better experience.

    If you already "nearly" finished DA1, it's probably not worth it to buy it again as none of the extras were really that outstanding. iirc, ME2 on the PS3 comes with all the DLC and the little start up comic to let you choose some plot points from ME1, so that's kind of cool.

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  • DoctorArchDoctorArch Curmudgeon Registered User regular
    Castlevania HoD is....weird. I recommend against it unless you have a group of friends that really want to play it with you.

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  • InkyblotsInkyblots Registered User regular
    Dragon Age is terrible, Stranger's Wrath you can get for a few bucks on steam if you have a pc. Castlevania is fun but a lot of it lies in the co op play. Mass Effect 2 is about the only thing worth getting. Honestly I would hold on to it and wait for some new releases.

  • SteevLSteevL What can I do for you? Registered User regular
    Yeah, I personally loved Castlevania HoD on XBLA, but I played with a lot of people on here around the time of its release. It's very much a "play this level over and over again for loot" type of game. It's pretty unique, but I'm not sure if there's a community for it on PSN.

  • DarkSymphonyDarkSymphony Registered User
    yeah I realized that since I got so close to beating DA1 and the one on PSN right now isn't the one with all the add ons, I feel like ME2 would be the better choice, however I'm interested to learn more about DA2, but I can't seem to find the answers i'm looking for.

    if anyone wants to help out a bit, with DA2, I see that the combat is a bit flashier, but is there anything tactical about it at all? is it fun? are there a good number of skill increases and abilities to choose from? How's the story? I read that a lot of the environments get re used often, and that's unfortunate, but I could look past it if, in fact the game really is fun and worth 20 bucks.

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