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Ninja Chaos, a real action ninja game on app store [IOS].

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About Ninja Chaos

It's you versus an endless onslaught of ninjas. Move fast, dodging and flipping around countless ninja stars. Counter-attack with your own weapons using your lightning reflexes.
Move like a ninja
This addictive game with simple to learn touch controls lets you gracefully roll, flip and double jump through ninja stars with simple tap controls. Attack and perform super moves by simply swiping.
Amazing graphics
Battle in various environments ranging from temples, jungles and beaches. Each setting contains unique traps to keep you on your toes.

Earlier upgrades are very affordable and use them to gain advantage to get coins quicker and higher scores. Shuriken power, life bar, air jump are very useful to survive in chaos mode. Scoring a large kill streak or combo will give you score multipliers eg: 2-10x. A number will pop up on the right of your screen showing your current kill streak. You will lose your combo when you are hit. And who doesn’t like free items? Treasure chest appears in random time and give you random free items like score multipliers, coin multipliers, invincibility and second life. So make sure you hit it before it disappears.


Multiple characters to unlock
Battle it out in a variety of locations with different environmental traps
Combo point system
Advanced graphical shader effects with retina support
Upgrade your character stats
Multiple power ups and treasure chest
Ninja Chaos screenshots






Ninja Chaos game trailer

Download Ninja Chaos

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  • HAB StudioHAB Studio Registered User new member
    Ninja Chaos is currently FREE for a limited time. We're working on Android version and it's coming soon

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