Spacewrights - 2D Tactical Space Sim like Starflight + FTL Demo out now [Windows]

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Spacewrights is a tactical sci-fi 2D spaceship simulation game where you explore, build, and create a galactic empire for PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS platforms in 2015. However a large playable demo is out now!

Download the Demo now (Windows only)

The demo is a "double slice", featuring two gameplay modes. In the survival mode you bring your fleet into an endless battle. Progress through it to unlock new ships, systems, and crew members to use right away, as well as in new survival runs. Loot salvaged in the survival mode is unlocked permanently in your hangar where you can create and edit ships in your fleet for new survival runs. Hopefully you enjoy the demo as much as we did bringing it to you. We're looking for any feedback on the demo so feel free to post opinions!







Jacob Fischer
Spacewrights Lead Developer

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