Reference GTX 960 PSU requirements.

I am a bit confused about the PSU requirements for this GPU, i ordered one in (arrives tomorrow.) I am currently using a 350w 80+ cert psu, with a GTX 650 which requires the 6 pin. It's paired with a 4770 i7, 2 ram sticks, an HDD and a blu-ray burner. Nothing super fancy, all runs well. I have been reading online that the 960 is extremely power efficient, i was wondering if my 350w would be sufficient in actual reality? I see some 960's listed with a 400w min req, others with 350w. Does anyone have any experience with this card?. Not looking at overclocking anything (I used to OC everything, I don't anymore.) Reviews online seem to say it draws very low power for what it is (which is why I bought it.). If I have to I can go buy a new PSU but if I don't have to that would be nice. The 350w is pretty new as is.

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    Yeah, 350 is going to cut it real close. It may work, but if you start to see weird things, like artifacts, or constant crashes, it's very likely you're overtaxing your power supply. If I were a gambling man, I would say you may run in to issues when you're system goes full draw and the CPU and GPU are cranked up. If you think about it, your CPU is 95W TDP, and the the 960 can probably draw around 200 at max draw. You're kissing 300 right there, and that's assuming rail stability. Not all 350W supplies give a steady 350W.

    So yeah it may work especially if your 350W PSU is a really good one, but at the first sign of issues, get a bigger PSU.

    e: The 960 draws 120W, according to Nvidia's documentation. That's actually really good. It may work for you after all.

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    Yeah 120w under max load. It's one of the reason I went for the 960. It's power draw vs performance is super good.

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    So to update on this, the card has arrived. I did a lot of asking around and a lot of research about this, and it seemed the general consensus is it would work, but it doesn't give a huge amount of breathing room at max load. Installed the card, rand some tests and it's working just fine, no artifacting or anything. It does brush pretty close though, so I went ahead and ordered a 550w PSU which should arrive within the week, i will feel better with more breathing room, and i feel I want to OC the card a bit as it came with a pretty good aftermarket cooler.

    Just wanted to state for the record, the 960 at stock settings does indeed run just fine on a 350w PSU, assuming its a decent one.

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