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Hey! So this will be my second Pax and fourth Con overall, the last Comic Con I attended in Portland had a "Geek Love" dating panel, and a previous Sakura con hosted a Speed dating panel which seemed grossly uneven. I'm not sure if either will be present at pax but has anyone tried either, and was it a positive experience? I always come away with great memories with friends but like many people I date a lot and secretly hope to run into a nerd soulmate at a convention, anybody have stories of meeting their significant other at a convention? I basically just want to hear cute stories of people getting together.


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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Two of my friends that I have met through PAX just got married this summer, and they met through PAX. I'm sure it happens relatively often.

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    I had been friends with a group of people through a Let's Player's Minecraft server and I thought, hey... if we can, we should all go to PAX. I met about 15 of them there and not only did one of them turn out to be my best brother from anotha motha ever, but I met this shy guy from my community and realized "Woah, I like this dude. Like... a lot". I took him in the early morning to the Make a Strip panel and afterward, he and I had the most wonderful time. After PAX, I told him so.

    This will be our 3rd PAX and going on our 3rd year of dating. It's weird when your relationship revolves around PA, but it makes it much easier to collect pins :P

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    I met my husband on an online game (we'll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this month), so it wasn't a convention, but we've been going to PAX ever since we started dating - it's a tradition for us. :)

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    Just don't... be a creeper. There's a bold line difference. :)

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    I was always under the impression that any form of dating was actually frowned upon within PAX. Mainly due to the creeper problems described by @Jaym4n above. There is even a mantra that a basic tenet of PAX that it is NOT a dating service.

    Having said that I do know of a couple who did meet at PAX and are now engaged to be married. What was really impressive was that the Atlantic Ocean separated them for a while, before one of them agreed to join the other in their respective locale :)


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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    The forums and PAX do not and will not run any sort of dating or matching service or whatever, but that doesn't mean there can't be good stories about people meeting each other at the con :)

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    I met a great friend through PAX and introduced her to a guy friend of mine. They're in Paris right now on a romantic 2 week vacation together.

    It doesn't have to be PAX to PAX; sometimes it's meeting people in the same community with the same interests that counts.

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    I feel like it just kind of randomly happens. If you go to lots of events during the con you kind of just meet people. I have a lot of friends who met their s/o at tournaments at PAX.
    But like mentioned above, don't be creepy/pushy. A lot of people go to PAX looking to make friends, you'll miss out on making awesome new friendships if you only focus on the relationship part ;)

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  • zepallicazepallica Portland, OregonRegistered User regular
    These are very sweet stories thank you for sharing. To clarify too I definitely don't go with the intention of meeting someone or need any advice on how to (I do just fine) but thank you. My focus is on all of the cool stuff to do and spending time with friends, its just always an afterthought and I wondered if the pax fates had ever played a hand in folks love life, and it sounds like they have!

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    So this will be my first PAX, but I've attended a bunch of different conventions over the past few years. I met my significant other through a FanExpo at an Extra Life booth where he was working and I was in full cosplay getup. I totally agree with mijonir that it just randomly happens though, because I don't think either of us went to the con looking to meet someone. Definitely worth it, I've never met someone more caring and connected to the same kind of crap I like. Moving in together in two weeks!

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    Lol was gonna post about how awesome that was @binarycupcakes and then I realized I knew who exactly you are talking about!

    See ya soon! :p

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    I attended my first Pax (Prime) in 2012, met a guy the first day and we just got engaged July 11th :D

  • RowwieRowwie CanadaRegistered User regular
    A friend of mine met my fiance at a con. I was living in another province at the time but she did nothing but tell each of us about the other until I told her I was coming home. She made him pick me up at the airport, two awkward strangers meeting for the first time, we started dating two days later. Two days after that he moved in with me.
    We went to our first PAX Prime during our first year together and we've been going ever since. This will be our fifth PAX Prime and we're engaged now. It's an annual tradition for us :)

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    Me and my boyfriend met at PAX and it's gonna be our fifth year anniversary that we have gone to PAX. So freakin excited!!! I met my boyfriend of (almost) five years (and counting) at PAX prime. I was just walking around the exhibition hall and stopped for a minute and this guy came up to me and started flirting and saying funny things to make me laugh. I have no idea why but I hung out with him for the next few hours (he even gave me a piggy back ride up a steep sidewalk). It was by chance he was even there at all; a friend had gotten a ticket for another friend but she wasn't into videogames so he thought instead of wasting that ticket on her he gave it to Chris. We started corresponding by email and text (I was in Oregon and he was in Washington) and had a LDR for 9 months (with weekend visits every two weeks). I then had enough money to move to WA and I love it here and we are still really happy.

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