Post PAX Gaming at the Sheraton.

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In past years, there's been a kind of unofficial post-PAX gaming at the sheraton after PAX closes. So I'll be looking to play Firefly the Game after PAX Monday night, but will also have Battlestar Galactica with me. I was thinking of the Sheraton Lobby area or lounge, as there are tables, and places to order drinks/food. For Firefly, I picked up the latest expansion to the, adding another section of game board and an Alliance operative to deal with as well. I was thinking of starting around 7pm (providing I get the people). Unless someone knows a reason not to, I would encourage others who are interested in playing games to congregate there as well. I'm sure the hotel wouldn't mind the business in their lounge as well :) Anyone interested in the games I mentioned?


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    There have historically been issues with large groups of PAXers gaming in the lobbies and inconveniencing the non-PAX guests. Read the history spoiler on this OP of this post for details:

    That said, there's never enough people gaining after PAX to make it worthwhile for the Sheraton to give us an organized event, and people always congregate there anyway as you know.

    I recommend that you let attending folks know to not be dickish if you get a lot of people. Like, move if the hotel staff asks you to, and don't table squat in the lounge unless you're ordering generously (this was a huge point of contention at East: people would take over a bar table for 2 hours and order nothing more than a couple of sodas).

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    I wasn't expecting a large group with same day notice... for the most part, I can't see too many people beyond those who are staying at the Sheraton and would be there anyway. This is mainly just an effort to let people know what games I'll be bringing and when, so they can play if interested. If others bring games to play, then they'd hopefully be able to find players as well. Not squatting in the lounge is very important, which is why I mentioned being paying customers twice in my post. Hopefully, the more business the hotel gets from PAX'ers, the easier it will be in the future to work with them on things like Pre-PAX gaming events. Especially when the hotel is not actually making money specifically from the use of tables or space.

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