Thread disappeared.

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I saw a thread from the "Home" area of the forums, so I'm not sure which sub forum it was in, but it was almost identical to this one in the wrong forum. The difference was, the person I saw actually got an answer and a full page of replies, so it was clearly a different thread. Strangely, if it was teh same person, his thread must have disappeared (only one result for that user). It was nearly word for word identical.

It was a person looking for a comic. I would like to find that same comic. It is NOT a Penny Arcade comic, though he did not specify and the responders first indicated that they couldn't find anything with Penny Packer. I have been spectacularly unsuccessful despite how recent it was that I saw the thread with activity (only a few days ago).

Assuming that the thread didn't just disappear, what's going on with the search function? If a locked thread is respawned with the same name, is it filtered out or something?

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  • SmasherSmasher Starting to get dizzy Registered User regular
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    As one of the posters in that thread I assume it got trashcanned by one of the mods. I'd tell you which comic it was, which I assume is why you were looking for the thread, but unfortunately I can't remember.

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  • AroducAroduc regular
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    The fact that the user has 2 posts, but only one of them exists lends credence to the trashcan theory.

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  • CZroeCZroe Registered User regular
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    Why not trashcan the one in the wrong forum? The other seemed to conclude just fine and the user has no infractions.

    Actually, that's probably precisely what the mod was doing, but clicked the wrong one or something.

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  • Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Moderator mod
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    It was trashcanned, here's the link to the comic

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