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Penny Arcade - Comic - Skirmish, Part Three

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 11 in The Penny Arcade Hub

imagePenny Arcade - Comic - Skirmish, Part Three

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

Read the full story here

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  • RottonappleRottonapple Registered User regular
    Neither do I.

  • McFodderMcFodder 'SploringRegistered User regular
    The news post goes into it a bit - they both enjoy tabletop gaming, but for Tycho the painting of miniatures is a necessary evil he'd only go through for the units he wants to use, for Gabe the painting is basically the whole point and the game itself is just something that happens afterwards.

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  • RavelleRavelle Registered User regular
    I too have many warhammer miniatures painted without ever having them played.

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  • UltraviperUltraviper Registered User new member
    I don't understand the question either. How does "what they do" determine their paint color?

  • RatherDashing89RatherDashing89 Registered User regular
    Ultraviper wrote: »
    I don't understand the question either. How does "what they do" determine their paint color?

    I think he means he'd want to find out if the unit is any good before he goes through the "trouble" of painting them. I try to find out that before I buy the model, but I absolutely know other wargamers who just buy boxes and boxes, and only unpack and paint them as they decide they want to field the unit.

  • Steel AngelSteel Angel Registered User regular
    Ultraviper wrote: »
    I don't understand the question either. How does "what they do" determine their paint color?

    Well it helps you figure out which ones benefit from being faster and therefore are prioritized for being painted red.

    Big Dookie wrote: »
    I found that tilting it doesn't work very well, and once I started jerking it, I got much better results.

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  • marsiliesmarsilies Registered User regular
    This may be a case where they're both too familiar with the type of gaming and the different playstyles of people to realize how unclear the text is to the uninitiated.

    It'd probably be clearer to have "but why paint all of them before you know whether you'll use them?" as Tycho's question?

  • ziddersroofurryziddersroofurry Registered User regular
    edited April 11
    RE: Mike's 10th playing D&D

    I first picked up the game around '86. I was 12 and a hole in the wall hobby shop opened down the street. They were only there three months and I never got to play but I convinced my aunt to buy me the red box basic set for my birthday. It wasn't until '93 I managed to join a group but we played together until '99 and had a lot of good times. Since then I've been in a few different groups. My current one has been playing Ponyfinder for the last four years but D&D will always have a special place in my heart. From the 80's cartoon to its recent appearance in My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic (as 'Ogres & Oubliettes') it's gone from being something only shy/awkward nerds did in secret to something anyone anywhere is more than welcome to get into.

    In a way it's sort of become a barometer for social progress. It's not only become more inclusive the concept of it has become an ever more important part of society. It's gone from being something a few psychologists used to try and help people to something that helps millions of people learn more about themselves and each other. It's helped bring people together and change lives. If it weren't for D&D I never would have met my partner or made most of the amazing friends I've made. It's been life and world-changing and I know it will continue to be. It's just so awesome and I love that it's become such a positive part of Mike's life and culture in general.

    That said I kind of feel old because I remember reading about it when Mike first got into it. It's also made me realize that along with Garfield, Bloom County, Calvin & Hobbes, Doonesbury and Peanuts Penny Arcade is one of my most-read comics of all time. I've learned so much about art & writing from reading this comic. Thanks for all the inspiration, guys.


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  • JackJack Registered User regular
    I remember, ages past, when I played Warhammer and painted the PERFECT skink (think a lizard person version of a goblin). The problem was that I had no idea how I'd painted that one miniature so well and certainly couldn't reproduce it.

    That one perfect paint job was the downfall of my entire hobby.

  • SadgasmSadgasm Deluded doodler A cold placeRegistered User regular
    There was one strip where Tycho gave Gabe shit for repainting premade miniatures because all that mattered were the "delicious, delicious numbers", and the miniatures might as well have been rocks or small dead animals as far as he cared.

  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    I believe this is the comic of which you speak:

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  • BursarBursar Hee Noooo! Registered User regular
    It's not like you're crafting a backstory for these models or anything, like you might for 40k (I never played Warhammer, so I don't know if that's a thing you might do). This is Star Wars, that's a stormtrooper, that's Darth Vader. Everybody knows what they look like. Why not paint them?

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  • MarcinMNMarcinMN Registered User regular
    So, the artist likes to paint miniatures more than the writer? Now that's some unexpected and intriguing character development! ;)

  • EnigmedicEnigmedic Registered User regular
    There's kind of a similar thing in MtG as well. People will go out of their way to get a certain art for their lands, use an older set's art for a reprint, get as many foil cards as they can, and have some crazy art on the card sleeves for a not that great deck, but it's their deck and they take pride in it. Other people will just get the cards in any mishmash that will let them have the 60 cards that they want with no care taken to use the same edition of a given card or anything, they are barbarians.

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  • HefflingHeffling No Pic EverRegistered User regular
    I am totally Gabe in this comic.

    If a movement doesn't have someone that can sit down opposite those in a position of power and strike a deal, how can that movement achieve success?
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