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Games by Email: Axis & Allies

PoobliusPooblius Registered User
edited July 2008 in Games and Technology

Forgive me if someone has a thread for this going. I'd like to find some other players for an online version of Axis & Allies. My friends and I have been playing here.

If you are interested just send me an email or post here.


Pooblius on


  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    thats pretty cool

    Xaquin on
  • PoobliusPooblius Registered User
    edited July 2008
    If you're interested shoot me an email. We're pretty casual.

    Pooblius on
  • ArcusArcus Registered User regular
    edited July 2008
    Just wanted to say that website is pretty cool. I've been looking for a way to play Risk with my friends after life moved us around the country, and this is a good alternative to having us all sit on our PCs for hours waiting for each other to make a move. Unfortunately, I've never played Axis & Allies nor Diplomacy, so I'll need to read up on those before I can consider playing with you. Thanks for the site though! :^:

    Arcus on
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