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[mini Phalla] Green Day

REG RyskREG Rysk Lord Rageface RageingtonRegistered User regular
edited July 2010 in Critical Failures

What's a Phalla?

See all the standard phalla rules? They apply here.

The theme for this game centers around the Green Day albums American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. The wiki for these may be helpful to you.

This phalla is for 30 players. Signups will be open until we get that many and I will do my best to throw out PMs before the end of any days. This will be an aggressive Phalla, but is fairly vanilla. Vote close will happen at 4pm PST. Be aware that I am on my way home an hour before that from work and can't answer your terrible questions until I get home...often after vote close.

Here is the sample Villager PM:

You must make 2 posts per day minimum including one Red Vote post. Failure to meet activity requirements will result in a warning. A second warning results in you being replaced. No they don't have to be consecutive.

Beware that this is my first Phalla I've ever run. If it is horridly imbalanced or I fail at running it, too bad. :P

Please sign up in bolded lime.

1. The Anonymous
2. romanqwerty
3. Kias
4. samurai6966
5. Dunadan019
6. daniant
7. Sir Fabulous
8. jdarksun
9. Toxic Toys
10. Teucrian
11. The_Reflection
12. Alegis
13. Dogbone33
14. Phyphor
15. abotkin
16. 3clipse


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