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PA Comic: Friday, February 10th: The Greasy Incline

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I had already seen "all of the" Downton Abbey, and it never once occurred to me that I should tell my cohort that this show existed. After you've told him about

Cracker or Jeremy Brett's incredible run on Sherlock Holmes or Prime Suspect or Doctor Who or the good episodes of Torchwood and it doesn’t penetrate the carapace eventually you decide to invest your energies elsewhere.

Somehow it’s more satisfying when he does right of his own accord; it’d be like if we both took a chance on some forest mushroom and learned independently that we did not die. It has a fraternal aspect that bonds us as men.

There are a lot of things that Digital Distribution was supposed to accomplish, but didn’t. I won’t say it was a wash; I rather like the new scale of project mass market downloadable games created, I’ve had tremendous enjoyment in that middle space. The convenience was just as they suggested. The savings never materialized, but that’s party because why would they and partly because “price” is a beast of which the delivery of product is only a part.

The industry is engaged in what is essentially a Mexican Standoff between Publishers, Platform Holders, and Retailers, which explains the distortions you see. You’ll note that developers aren’t in that grim triad. This allows for surprising lateral maneuvers.

The Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter was the second million dollar Kickstarter, but it was the first to generate this level of donative ferocity in such a short span of time. With thirty-two days remaining and some interest no doubt left to be discovered, I would be startled indeed if it weren’t also the first two million dollar Kickstarter - or if it weren’t also the catalyst for other projects.

Tim Schafer hates me; I stole a yo-yo of his once, but I also said something mean about a game he made, and when I saw him at GDC a couple years ago he flipped me off. It didn’t hurt my feelings, I flip people off for a living. All it said to me was that he takes it serious; that he and his work are synonyms. That’s more or less the person I want to support.

(CW)TB out.

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