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[CoH/CoV] Chat: Issue 12 info arrives!

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OP shamelessly stolen (but tweaked slightly!) from Gear Girl, who shamelessly stole it from Bucketman, who shamelessly stole it from Accualt. Pretty much all of the credit goes to them.


What's new in Issue 12?

The Midnight Squad
An organization of mystics, the Midnight Squad has a secret to end the Rikti Invasion, but without your help, it will remain 'Lost' forever...

"The Midnighters hold many secrets within their walls, including a highly coveted Ouroboros crystal, enabling them to travel to the far reaches of time. There is a familiar threat in an ancient land and the Midnighters need the help of both Heroes and Villains to stop it. Players step foot upon the ancient land of the Roman Cimeroran Peninsula, where they battle deadly creatures, defend an ancient city and ultimately come face to face with the enemy of time itself. Throughout this journey players uncover the mysteries of power and the origins that guide them today."

Roman Style Costumes
Unlocked through achievements ingame, make your Hero or Villain look like a true gladiator.

Epic Archetypes...for Villains!
When a villain hits level 50, they now have two epic archetypes available: Wolf Spiders and Blood Widows. Each of these can branch off into their own different powersets - Wolf Spiders can work as either Bane or Crab Spiders and Blood Widows as Fortunata or Night Widows. All of this comes with a unique story, costume set, missions, and more.

Powerset Proliferation
With Issue 12 comes a brand new opportunity - almost every Hero and Villain archetype will gain access to powers that they didn't have access to before!

Hollows Zone "Gameplay Makeover"
"Significant changes have been made to the Hollows zone to make it more fun! NPC encounters have been rebalanced, including new spawns, new villain groups, mission door improvements, and a mobile hospital has been added to the entrance of the zone. Additionally, Meg Mason, a new contact, has been added to give out repeatable missions."

What else?
Configurable new power trays - customize your UI by placing them anywhere you want.
Contact display redesign - display your contacts as active and inactive, sorting them by a number of criteria.
Inspiration conversion - change three of one kind of inspiration into one of another.
Level-up boost - gain a massive (if temporary) boost to your stats on a level up, as well as full HP and Endurance.
Chat improvements - right click on character names in chat window to ignore, add to friends list, invite to team, etc. Drag any item (enhancement, inspiration, salvage, etc.) into the chat window so that you and others can click a hotlink to view the complete info box.
More real numbers - players can now display stats on powers before they choose them enabling more informed power selection and new temporary powers allow players to display enemy stats.

Credit for the following belongs to Accault.

How good is CoX?
Soooo good.

In this thread we discuss all things City of Heroes and City of Villains. For those new to our world here is a brief FAQ.

City of Villains___________________________________________________________________________________________City of Heroes

Get ready to put the tights on because Cryptic is serving up a 10 Day Free Trial. What does that mean? It means you get a the chance to play the Best Super Hero based MMO of All Time*for FREE!
*By best we mean only, though it is very good.

10 Day Free Trials, EXCELSIOR!

Any active (or inactive) subscriber can send out a few Friend Invites which have a 10 Day Free Trial. We simply need your e-mail to do so. If you decide you like the game and subscribe for two months the person who sent out the invite gets a free month of game time. Very niiiice.

PA plays on the Virtue server.

If you want in, make with the post asking for someone to PM you, then respond with your e-mail. We don't want to accidentally send one person multiple invites since there are only a limited number available. If you end up liking it you can buy the Good vs Evil edition in stores or online for $30 which gives you access to both games and a free month or get just CoH or CoV from the NCSoft store for $20 each. They also include a free month so for $40 you can get two months...meaning you pay $10 for the client instead of $15 when buying the GvE edition. It should be noted GvE comes with some special costume parts, badge, and a jump jet thingy that is okay. ALSO, if you are ACTUALLY INTERESTED and are WILLING TO PAY A MONTHLY FEE for a game someone MIGHT be able to hook you up with a Buddy Pass. All active CoXers got ONE Buddy Pass, which is a 10 day trial that lets you start playing the game for $15 a month afterwards without having to buy the client. Don't be a douche and try to get a Buddy Pass if you don't think you'll actually pay to play the game.

The 411 on City of Heroes/Villains, yo.

Character Creation is likened onto a game of its own.
At launch CoH had something like 3 trillion potentially different costume configurations. Since then they have easily doubled the number of costume pieces, not to mention added face scalers, particle effects, wings, capes, trench coats, etc. So the current number of potential costumes numbers somewhere in the range of awholefuckinglot.
Here is a sample of some of the PAers Team Night characters.

If you've ever wanted to be a robotic undead pirate with a leather fetish and fondness of 80's colorful fashion who can shoot electricity from his hands THIS is the game for you.
Download this Character Builder or Mid's Hero Designer for a list of all powers and Archetypes in the game.

Continued in the next post...

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