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First Concept Art for Kid Icarus Wii

LBD_NytetraynLBD_Nytetrayn TorontoRegistered User regular
edited May 2008 in Games and Technology
The Kid gets his Wiings
Earlier this year, we broke the news that Factor 5 is internally working to revive the beloved Kid Icarus franchise. Although we do not have much new information in regards to the project, we have come in contact with nearly 30 pieces of concept art for the game, showing various different versions of Pit's new design, plus concept work for some of his weapons.

Last time we wrote about the project, Factor 5 was in the process of pitching it to Nintendo. Since then, we've spoken to at least one source that claims the Big N has expressed interest in publishing such a project. However, at this time, we are uncertain of whether or not Nintendo has committed to doing so itself. In other words, we have been unable to confirm whether or not Nintendo has officially green-lighted the project, but if we had to speculate, we'd say things are looking good for it.

The artwork we've published comes from a pitch document we got our hands on during the earlier part of 2008. Since then, sources tell us the game's art-direction has advanced considerably. Despite this artwork not being reflective of the game's current standing, we've decided to run it so fans can get a look at what Factor 5 has at least experimented with.

The last nugget of information we have to share with you is in regards to the game's plot. At the time of the pitch document's writing, Factor 5 had imagined a plot involving a grown-up, adult Kid Icarus in which Pit is "cursed for thousands of years for a crime and becomes a 'fallen angel'." The pitch document adds that "a tattoo on Pit's arm bears the inscription of Pit's crime."

When asked for comment on the existence of a Factor 5-developed installment in the Kid Icarus franchise, Nintendo gave us the expected "no comment on rumors" line.

Unfortunately, that's all we have for you for now. Be sure to check out the media gallery below for a look at the concept art for the project.

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