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The Sims 2: Glossolalia Edition (Tycho House Page 15!)

MorivethMoriveth Nobody suspects a thing...Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Singularity Engine++
Day and night we will wait by our bass guitars... When will it be our turn to play?

Okay dukes, it's time once more for me to play with virtual people that look sort of like you people.

This time, though, I'm not making new houses. Not immediately at least. The reason for this is that I have around nine days before my lovely fiancee arrives and after that I will be busy for obvious reasons (sharing milk and cookies, talking about Jesus). But I will still create new houses, so don't worry! I just won't be creating them yet, as they take time.

Instead, I'll continue playing through the original thirteen houses - Which, by the way are archived here.

That's right, I got off my lazy ass for once and actually archived the posts from the last couple threads. You have to register to see them, and you can really only comment on threads I make, but I wanted something to be there, at least. And don't worry, I'll still put up new updates here, that site is mainly for archival purposes. And I know the design is terrible, don't blame me, it was the PHPBB default.

Anyway. I'll be starting playing through again soon - starting with Khoo House.

Remember, I'm not making new houses at the moment. I will say when I am making new houses so please don't ask.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the antics of these forumers (and sometimes their pets):

Khoo House - Druhim, Pony, Mysst, Projeck, <3, and Von Ruffmeister the puggle.

Khoo House Day 3

Robot House - Satansfingers, YourClothes, Rankenphile, Dynagrip and Mr. Cat the cat.

Robot House Day 3

Cosplay House - Volyu, Captain K, Kovak and Blankzilla.... And some asian chick.

Cosplay House Day 3 (on vacation!)

Boner House - Lord Dave, PiptheFair, Tossrock, Filler, Defenestrator and the vulnerable WaM.

Boner House Day 3!

Doom House - Mathilda, Muse Among Men, Munkus, Bendery, Kantankeris and Devilkitty the cat.

Doom House Day 3!

Hulk House - Eryu90, Feriluce, Grey Ghost, Just Bri Thanks, Olivaw and Protostorm.

Hulk House Day 3!
Hot House - Horseshoe, Monsterror, SLAMMU, That Dave Fella, and his robot prostitute.
Mad House - Mully, Orik, Traneados, Meissnerd and A Crow!
Tycho House - #pipe, TiB, Shankill Butcher, Jimothy, Cloudman and Gato Grande the cat.
Gabe House - Belruel, Dee Kae, Ledneh, Otaku Suppository and Robothero.
Div House - Anjin-San, Burning Organ, Loata, Skinny87, Sonny and Stavren.
Rad House - Arete, BoredGamer, Druher, J3p, Sarukun and FAQ.
God House - Janson, Jigrah, Thorgot, Zombies Tossed My Salad, Moriveth and Vivixenne.

Just one more time, since I know people won't listen:

I am currently NOT making new houses.

That said, let's have fun watching people do things that we could probably be doing in our own lives!

Moriveth on


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