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Canadian head of state eats arctic spider legs, no one gives an eff

MeissnerdMeissnerd Registered User regular
edited May 2009 in Singularity Engine++
Canada's governor general, Michaelle Jean, has helped to butcher and eat a seal in an apparent act of solidarity with hunters.

Ms Jean used a traditional Inuit knife to help gut the animal then ate a slice of raw heart.

It came weeks after the EU voted to ban Canadian seal products, but Ms Jean did not say if her actions were in response to the EU proposals.

An EU spokeswoman said the story was "too bizarre to acknowledge".

The governor general is the representative of Canada's head of state, Queen Elizabeth II.

So yeah, the Governor General is Canada's head of state, not our Prime Minister. Politically this puts her roughly at the same level as the American President.

This is a distress call. Canadians do not elect the Governor General. We are stuck with a crazy Haitian woman who plans to eat the worlds' population of seals. Who will save us?

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