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[Recommend On] Fast and Catchy Music.

KrisKris Registered User regular
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Hey all. Hoping you can help me find some music.

What are you looking for?

I'm looking for some rock/pop music that makes you want to get up and dance. You know, the kind where you realize half way through the song that your body has been shaking/tapping/moving the entire time. The kind that you listen to in the car and you can't help but rock out in your seat, drumming like a madman on the wheel. The kind that gets stuck in your head easily and you sing to yourself all day at work. Fast, catchy, full of energy music.

Have any examples for us to go off of?

In fact I do. I have been listening to a smallish Canadian group called You Say Party! We Say Die! for quite a while now. I absolutely love them, and get so pumped up from listening to their stuff.

Here's some examples of their work I could find on the tube:
I've also recently happened upon the lovely Matt and Kim, who fit what I'm looking for quite nicely. Example:

So you've got two bands already. Isn't that enough?

NO! I need mooooore. I need to moooove to the music. But I need recommendations as to where I can find such music. That's where you sexy people come in. Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out. :D<3

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