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Making a website with ticket sales

histronichistronic Registered User regular
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Hey all,

My friend and I are going to be hosting a pretty large music event in a few months and we'd like to be able to make a website that we can sell the tickets on. I have a little knowledge on html and css, but I really have no idea where to even begin with this, where/how I can host it, and how to make it so I can sell tickets on the site. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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    admanbadmanb unionize your workplace Seattle, WARegistered User regular
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    If all you have under your belt is a little bit of HTML/CSS, you're not going to be building a sales system within a couple months without working at this full-time. I would get in touch with a ticket-sales site (non-evil ones do exist, like Brown Paper Tickets) and build your site as a portal to their ticket sales.

    If you do that, you don't really need any skills beyond HTML and CSS. However, it's really easy to make a site that looks unprofessional and cheap, and really really hard to make one that doesn't. I would consider searching your network for someone that will do some web design work for a percentage of the profits and a new entry in their portfolio.

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    t_catt11t_catt11 Registered User regular
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    Yep. If all you know are HTML and CSS, you are sunk. If you want to do this in house, you'll need a programmer to make the guts work for you.

    Contact me via PM, I'll be happy to give you further advice. I *am* a programmer, and would be happy to point you in the right direction.

    Please note that I'm *not* trying to solicit you to hire me - just trying to help you out.

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