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Home Phone System (Assistance Please)

BoGsBoGs Registered User
edited September 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So I am looking to setup a customizable home system.

I live in canada and currently get Rogers Home phone / internet / cable.

What I want to do is setup an Asterisk PBX system or something alike, where it will have an answering machine (i have no answering machine) and an online interface to check messages and such. In the future adding possibly extensions for kids phone (if i choose to go down that route).

The problem I have is I do not have a clue where to start. Rogers came in and setup my phone to run through the normal phone lines and I have 1 phone that has 3 headsets which is fine for now as I am trying to setup an answering machine.

I can get my hands on an old P2500 or P3 computer which should be fine for this experiment but in terms of setting it up I have no clue what to read and such since all I have read is to setup with a VOIP provider which I donno if I do or do not have since I just want to setup an answering machine.

Hope someone can help.

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