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My Window through their car

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So I'm sitting in my apartment playing some games when I hear this obnoxiously loud bull horn saying "PULL OVER NOW!" So of course I roll over to my window and have a look. In fact, I can see people in the apartments across the street already all standing outside.

I'm up on the third floor and the action was right below me essentially, so I open the window and the screen window and pear out. The guy gets a pretty good talking to by a couple cops and drives away with his tickets. I close the screen and right as I do it pops out. Down if flys right onto the window of a car below. The cop instructs me to come on down. It cracked the wind screen with the corner of the screen. Turns out these people live on the first floor and come out and the cop takes our info and what not.
We were nice and amicable with each other so the cops left.

He pretty much said my options were "see what her insurance does, or just pay her."

"unless you don't feel you're at fault, but I know what my report says and that's all I got"

What do I do with this? This certainly seems a silly way for me to lose a good 200 bucks. What about my land lord? Should a screen even go out with shit like this happening?

No idea if I have renters insurance, calling my parents in the morning.


Landlord just called me and I explained everything.
He asked me where I think I stand on this and I told him realistically I feel like nobody is at fault.
He feels the same, but he mentioned of course the lady won't want to hear that about her car. He kinda just sat there on the line hoping I'd say I'd take care of it, but were gonna talk more tomorrow.

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  • MurphysParadoxMurphysParadox Registered User regular
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    This gets into some weird deal with the owner of the property with the window, the renter of the property with the window, whether the car was on public property (road) or private (parking lot), renter's insurance, landlord insurance, etc etc. Also important is the state/county's specific laws on this kind of thing.

    Assuming she contacts her insurance over it, they will contact you or the landlord as necessary according to the laws and situation. Obviously, her insurance will not be interested in paying if it is at all possible to not do so, but it may just be a no fault event and you get off free.

    Another possibility is that the landlord contacts his insurance company and finds that he is liable and he pays it. I doubt this is the case, but insurance laws are odd things, so who knows.

    Lastly, if you have renter's insurance (you generally should know if you do because you would have had a nice talk with someone when you rented the place about coverage amounts), your insurance may cover it similar to if someone were to cut themselves on a glass coffee table when at a party in your apartment.

    I suppose it will come down to who is considered, legally, to own the part of the window which fell and/or the property on which her car was parked and/or the no-fault rules of the state/county.

    Hope that makes it all crystal clear! Good luck with the whole avoiding paying out of pocket.

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  • FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night man Champion of the sunRegistered User regular
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    I can't see you not having to pay. Screens pop out. It happens. They're only held in by a couple small metal bits in most cases, and even those aren't even spring loaded or anything. It's not the landlord's fault that you pushed it out and it fell on someone's car.

    Curiosity killed the cat, in this case. Or, at least, cost him a couple hundred bucks.

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  • oncelingonceling Registered User regular
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    Probably for you to not be paying and the landlord to have to take care of it, it'd have to have popped out on its own when you weren't home. The fact that you were closing it at the time leads into sticky territory RE: how hard you were closing it and a cop being there (!!).

    Sucks :(

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  • rfaliasrfalias Registered User regular
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    What state do you live in?
    In Florida insurance has to pay for the replacement entirely.
    Also I believe it's the same in KY, MA, SC too.

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