Linksys Router Acting like a hyper dog.

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I want to limit the amount of bandwith one person can take up on my router. I find that I can download 6 programs at once and experience no lag while gaming, but if my roomate opens facebook I lag for a few seconds and my ping to vent shoots up to 1400. I've got a Linksys router and I'm just curious where to look in the Linksys setup to set a limit.

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    It's probably not a bandwidth issue but, you want to implement QoS which may not be available in standard firmware; I see DD WRT & Tomato thrown around a lot as good custom firmware but I'm not familiar with them. From the 50,000 ft view you want to put the IP address of your roommates computer in a queue that is considered lower priority than everything else.

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    QoS is pretty easy to set up on any build of DD-WRT I've tried and I do notice a distinct difference.

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    PeregrineFalconPeregrineFalcon Registered User regular
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    1. Install Tomato or DD-WRT. This alone may mitigate the issue as stock Linksys firmware is shit.
    2. Enable QoS. Put extended downloads in a lower profile, and your gaming ports in a higher profile. Or go the "dick route" and put your roommate on lowest priority and call it a day. ;)

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