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Asus laptoped bricked -Bios recovery mode available?

Alistair HuttonAlistair Hutton DrEdinburghRegistered User regular
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Recently had to use the recovery disk on my girlfriend's Asus X50R laptop. Like an idiot I forgot to uninstall Asus live update "utility". The inevitable happened, it downlaoded a bios update and fucked the computer up.

It demanded a restart, which my gf did, on restart it said something along the lines of "Your BIOS is corrupt, I'll fix it", "BIOS successfully flashed" at which point it hung there and did nothing. She waited for ages then presed the power button, which made the computer say "Will power down in 2 seconds" which it did not, she tried every key combination under the sun. Eventually, after an hour or so, she pulled the battery.

Now the fucker won't turn on at all, with or without the battery in place.

Basically, I'm pretty sure the laptop is fucked but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the X50R has a bios recovery mode that can possibly bring it back to life?

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