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Moving forward

DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
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Employment and employment related things
Hey guys. Been a while since I made a thread here. Except for the two I made recently regarding a stalker of mine (He broke his leg, so he doesn't really pose a physical threat to me anymore. At least for a while)

I was fired from my job of 7 months last night, through no fault of my own. Basically I bitched at the illegitimate owner of the store that he needed to do work and stop showing up for his shifts whenever he felt like it (he was regularly an hour or more late) and he had me fired. But the legitimate owner is a friend of mine and he says I've got his reference and even that he wont contest my unemployment claim. So I guess I'm okay there.

The trouble is, I kind of got caught at a time where my checking account is at a bit of a lull. I've got about three months rent saved up, or two months plus food. Or one month plus food plus some clothes. And I need clothes in a big way.

I especially need clothes for a job interview. I'm sure I can find them easily enough, but what to wear? I definitely don't have enough money for a suit, so I've got to stick to something simpler. But does that mean I'm stuck with shirt/tie/slacks/dress shoes? What do you all wear? Surely I can find something classy and inexpensive that isn't just the same old stuff?

Also, ideally, I want to find a job that I might be able to move and transfer in. How do I go about mentioning that?

School and life related things

I'm in a fair bit of debt. Not crippling debt but fairly significant. In the neighborhood of $10,000. The bulk of that debt is made up of student loans. I was railroaded by my parents into attending one of those career training colleges about three years ago, and basically they let me borrow money for one term (under the pretense that I would, in fact, be able to borrow enough to finish the education) and then when enrollment for second term came they kicked me out on my ass. My first term grade point was like 3.8. I considered talking to an attorney, but I was quickly informed that I have no proof that they said I'd be able to borrow enough money to finish. So piss on that I guess.

I'm not sure if I've asked this here before - perhaps in passing- Is there such a thing as student loan credit that pays existing loans? I ask because I've heard of one case (a company/nonprofit called Americorps), but surely there are others? I remember when Obama was campaigning that he was always spouting about something like a $4000 credit in exchange for community service? Has he made a push for any such program? Is this something that I should just talk to a student financial adviser about?

I live in Iowa. Are there cheaper places to get by than here? Or perhaps not cheaper but easier? There seems to be a balance that exists between cost of living and availability of employment. It's cheap to live here, but there are hardly any jobs. Where can I find a better balance?

And what's a cheap way to move? Bus and then ship my stuff overland? When moving to a new place, should I be securing housing beforehand or is there some kind of place where I can stay temporarily?

These sound like dumb questions, I'm sure. Sorry about that. My parents never taught me anything.

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  • MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
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    I'm only going to answer one of these:

    You need a new job, and interview clothes will help you get a new job. You should buy interview clothes. If you have to spend money, you want to spend it on things that will help you start making money again.

    As an aside, as I left college, I realized that I had no interview clothes. I actually had to scour the goodwill stores for one shirt, one pair of pants, a belt and a tie that didn't look like an old man had died in them. That was the best twenty four bucks I'd ever spent.

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  • VisionOfClarityVisionOfClarity Registered User regular
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    Americorps and VISTA don't pay much at all and most require a full-time commitment so to make ends meet you're looking at full-time plus a part-time to actually survive. You can defer your loans but that's really the main benefit of it plus the job experience. They're also both competitive programs (not as competitive for Teach For America) and if you want in you need to find a job that you have the education (some require a 4 year degree) and experience for.

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  • EliteLamerEliteLamer __BANNED USERS regular
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    A good thrift store will have interview clothes believe it or not.

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  • DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Okay. Let me just state that I don't intend to do all of these things at once. Each of them is an individual topic. Right now, yes. I need to hit the thrift stores and find some interview clothes. That's like priority 1. So I should just stick with what works then? Shirt, tie, pants, shoes?

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  • MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
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    That's like priority 1. So I should just stick with what works then? Shirt, tie, pants, shoes?

    Yeah, you don't exactly have the room to experiment right now.

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  • DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
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    Fair enough.

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  • DragonPupDragonPup Registered User regular
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    As mentioned above, check out thrift stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill, if you are involved in a Church they might have some charity clothes for stuff like this.

    Monday morning call the unemployment office.

    Also, out of sheer curiousity, how did the non-working non-owner actually get you fired when the real-ownmer is a friend of yours?

    Edit: Also, if you move and need to hire out of state movers for the love of the Emperor on Terra check up on the company. Yelp, Better Business Buereu, rip off reports, etc.

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  • DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
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    It's kind of a weird story that I don't fully understand.

    There's this Indian guy. We call him Sam, because his real name is Snehi and we have no schema for that. He owned a little store here in what we'll call the Plaza building. Well, he kind of has a shitty way of doing business. He's basically a don't-give-a-shit-about-anything profiteering bastard. A window into the kind of person he is? When I mentioned to him that I had an idea for an invention, he tried to tell me that he could have some friends in India manufact it with child labor, further explaining that US labor laws are a pain in the ass and there's no way for small business to get ahead blah blah blah. So eventually his roundabout way of doing business catches up with him and his liquor license gets pulled. In some kind of deal, he signs the store over to the then manager, who reopens it under the ownership of a corporation that he is the head of. This manager is a good buddy of mine. I'm not sure what the specifics of the deal are, but essentially my friend runs the store and Sam takes money off the top or something like that. It's pretty illegal I'm sure, but I don't want to involve the authorities because the other dude is a friend of mine. So like I said, there's a legal owner (my friend) in whose name are all of the permits, accounts, and licenses (I've been trying to push him into just seizing control of the store for a while now, but something is holding him back. Probably something about the nature of their deal) And then there's Sam. The illegal owner, who isn't officially on the payroll even though he works there about 6 hours a week. He's supposed to work ten hours, but he shows up so late that I may as well say six.

    During Friday, I miss lunch waiting for an important phone call from Sam. I learn that he has not placed any of the orders that are his responsibility to place, and then he strolls in over an hour late when it's his shift.

    And I fucking laid into him. Once verbally, and then some more via text message when I found out about some other shit (he's literally telling my friend that he skipped the orders to cut costs - I couldn't help but say something to that)

    Well about three hours later my friend is like "What all did you say to sam?" and I told him that I was like basically "Dude, you need to do work. I understand it's not in your name but you would do well to take it seriously. And also a little professional courtesy would be nice. I ought to send you a bill for these hours, because they're adding way up." and apparently he was pretty pissed off. My friend says he's gotta let me go just to curb the tide of bullshit coming out of sam, and says that he's good for a reference and that he wont contest an unemployment claim from me.

    So I guess I don't know. Because he didn't want to hear Sam bitch?

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  • SliderSlider Registered User regular
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    I recommend deferring your student loans and applying for unemployment benefits.

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