[Mini-Phalla] Blackout--Game Over! Mafia Victory

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Congratulations! You have been selected from all of our employees to attend a character building and leadership training weekend at the National Phalla Guard Armory! It will be a weekend of Fun! Of Excitement! Of Learning!

You will be joining with 24 other young executive hopefuls from dozens of companies around the country, and possibly the globe! The National Phalla Guard has a reputation for creating leaders out of nobodies, and separating those who can, from those who fail.

We know that you will do our company proud!

Enjoy Yourself!


This is a Phalla, the Penny Arcade version of the party game Mafia. This in particular is a Mini Phalla, which is smaller and shorter in duration than a Main Phalla. Confused? The CF Phalla Signup List will probably prove informative.

The usual Phalla rules apply. No screen caps, no anonymous contact, no dead people talking to the living, no quoting/sharing of PMs from from the host, etc. Also, don't forget to PM me the URL of all proboards!

Vote close is at 11pm EDT/8pmPDT/4amGMT. Any orders or votes timestamped after 11:00pm (according to my PM box clock) will be ignored.

This is a simple, basic game. There are no mechanical surprises as far as roles are concerned. However, there is one small detail that is different from normal, and is incredibly important.

There is only a villager PM. You will only receive a villager pm. There will be specials, don't get me wrong. But Only I Will Know.

As such:

Every night, each and every single one of you will send me the name of the person that you wish to target. Think long and hard about this decision. Because I will only accept ONE target per player. The first name you send me is the first name that I will target with your ability. If you have an ability.

Narration results will also be slightly different from normal. There will be an image, similar to this one

at the bottom of narration. Some nights, it will be the ONLY narration available to you. The order of results will not change. Names will be listed Vote, Vigilante, Mafia. Another name will be listed, seperate from the others. That is the Seer's result. It will be made public.

You, as the players, will be expected to Use your Brains to figure this puzzle out in front of you. Do not disappoint me.


As always, !vote every night. I expect activity from you all. Do not make me regret doing this.

You can ask for !clarifications, but I make no promises that they will be answered.


**Please note. I have a habit of giving people nicknames. Their nicknames will be listed next to their sign-up, so that everybody can keep what i am saying straight.

1. simonwolf (simon)
2. Infidel (infy)
3. Zandracon (Zandy)
4. Fatal3RROR (Fatal)
5. kuhlmeye (kuhl)
6. shalmelo (shalmelo)
7. kime (kimey)
8. psolms (sol)
9. Dunadan019 (Duna)
10. visiblehowl (VH)
11. Orange Soda (Sunkist)
12. Burnage (Burn)
13. garroad_ran (gar)
14. dunedainjedi (dj)
15. Darian/Daius (Darius)
16. fadingattheedges (fading)
17. Nocturne
18. Bremen (Brem)
19. Osvik
20. Savant
21.eecccooo ttheee dolphin (eecc, kiwi)
22. Arivia (Rivs)
23. Ringo (Dingo)
24. Jobastion (Jo)
25. iamtheaznman (azn)

1. Kay
2. Robos A Go Go (Robos)
3. Samurai6966 (Samurai)
4. Ebfan (eb)


Villager PM:
You are a corporate lackey. You have been selected out of the dozen other lackeys from your company to attend this character building seminar to learn leadership skills that might be useful in the future. Although now, in light of everything that has happened, you can’t possibly see what you can learn from being scared out of your goddamned mind and trying to figure out which of your fellow attendees had the balls to kill Gunnery Sergeant Fred Cheese. And you need to figure it out fast, cause that guy over there has the only lighter, and he doesn’t have a lot of fluid left in it.


Being a dick to anybody else will get you replaced. Or your role completely removed. You do not want me to do this, as it could be very very very bad for the village, or the Mafia. You have been warned.

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