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Monitor goes idle during Windows XP Installation?

mistaLaimistaLai Registered User regular
Hi all,

I'm having a weird problem installating Windows XP. During the installation, my monitor would lose connection or go into sleep (the power light turns orange) and no matter what I do, it won't come back on. This originally happened only during the installation but now it happens much earlier in the process, such as when I boot into the CD. This only happens when I install a fresh Windows XP.

Does anyone know whats the cause/solution to this?

I can provide any information that might be needed.

mistaLai on


  • Helpless RockHelpless Rock Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Do you have dual monitors? Possibly one being a TV that isn't always there, or even just two monitors set up to your computer while installing?

    I only mention this because I had this problem when I was installing Windows 7. It would be set as my monitor as Default in Windows, but during installation default was my TV that is connected from DVI-HDMI. So, after it looked like it was done installing my monitor would just be black and i couldn't figure it out until I randomly turned my TV on and saw "Welcome to Windows 7". Which was pretty annoying considering I installed 3 times for the same reason.

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  • mistaLaimistaLai Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    I have a single monitor.

    I was wondering - could it have something to do with my video card? Maybe it was configured wrong inside? I suspect the video card is shutting down or just not feeding to the monitor. (Not sure if my terms are correct)

    mistaLai on
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