Monitor in permanent sleep mode?

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Hello, today I tried turning on my computer, and the light came on, but nothing on the monitor. There was no lights on my keyboard/mouse indicating they were getting power and the light on my monitor was that orange-yellow sleep/idle mode light. I've read suggestions about unplugging the cords from the monitor(which didn't work) and unplugging All of my USB cords (in my case: mouse, keyboard, iPhone charger, speakers, and wifi adapter). Neither worked. I tried plugging in a different mouse and keyboard, both the ones that came with the desktop) and lights come on on those. The thing is, these plugged into the purple and green spots (ps2 spots or something?) they seem to be the only ones sending power. Could this problem have something to do with my power supply? If you have any suggestions, answers, or needs specs just post and I'll be glad to answer back!


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    When you turn it on does it beep? When it starts up a PC should beep a single time a second or two after the power button is pushed.

    Some things you can try:
    Visually inspect inside the case. Check the motherboard and cards for damage, singe/scorch marks, leaking caps, or anything else that just doesn't look right. Also give it a whiff and see if you smell anything toasty/acrid.

    If you have an add in video card as well as one onboard the motherboard, you can pull the add-on card, hook the monitor up to it and then turn the system on. If not, you can still pull the card and see if the number of beeps changes.

    Unplug any and all cards as well as drives from the motherboard, so that only the processor, memory and fans are still plug in, along with the power connector from the PSU. Then see if it will power up. If not, pull the memory out as well and see if anything changes.

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    It sounds like something failed inside the computer. It can be something as simple as a connector blocking a fan, or something as major as your GPU failing

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