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Taking a bite out of crime, starting November [Spoiler Warning!]

Skull ManSkull Man Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Singularity Engine++

So I noticed we didn't have a Poochinski thread. I guess this'll do until someone makes a better one. Mondays starting this November on ABC.
Starring Peter Boyle (the monster from Young Frankenstein)


as the titular talking mutt, Poochinksi promise laughs, drama, and poignancy. After being run down in the line of duty, Poochinski is reincarnated as a streetwise talking bulldog.


He teams up


with his bewildered partner


to put the bite on crime!

"Look at me. I'm a dog. It's all sinking in now."
"But it's life! Precious life!"

So who's excited? I'm pretty excited. It seems like the accident might not have been so accidental after all, and that the first few episodes at least will focus on Poochinski hunting down the man who killed him. Any theories?

Skull Man on


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