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(Sydney dwellers) Recommend me a restraunt.

psycojesterpsycojester Registered User regular
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In an unusual turn of events for a Help/Advice thread i've already asked the girl out and she's accepted. We're from Newcastle and we're going down to Sydney to see Moon this weekend (fucking Australian limited releases) and i'm currently looking at good places to eat down there, can anybody recommend a good restaurant in a Uni students price range close to Oxford Street?

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  • OdenOden Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    if youre seeing it at the palace verona on oxford street you can get some cheap dinner and drinks at fringe bar

    there are a bunch of nice little cafes and restaurants that are open until late on darlinghurst road, it would be less then a $10 cab trip down the road to get back onto oxford street near the intersection where youll find the cinema

    there is place called govindas which is cool too because its like $25 a head all you can eat hare krishna food and it comes with a movie ticket, but there are limited movie screenings so if you're interested check out the website

    also there are some nice places on crown and cleveland street in surry hills which also shouldnt cost too much to cab to and from oxford street

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  • psycojesterpsycojester Registered User regular
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    Cheers for the suggestions Oden, we've decided on trying Himalayan since it seemed novel.

    Somebody want to lock this.

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