R&C:A Crack in Time impressions.

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Dispite the wealth of video games i have to play right now, I decided to pop in R&C last night when i got a little frustrated with Borderlands.

I must say that while the game is fun, I can't help but feel that insomniac may have been a little lazier then normal this time around.

I've always loved the R&C games, as they bring back good platforming /shooter times of yore, yet I have seen little actual tightening of the controls/gameworld mechanics Since The first PS3 R&C. While Insomniac makes very pretty games, they seem happy to rest on the laurals and just pump out more using the same engine.

I dont want to make this a really negative review...I'm enjoying the game...and maybe I'm just a little spoiled after Naughty Dog's exceptional Uncharted 2... When these two deveopers put out a game, they basically set the standards for each other, and I may have expected a similar 'wow' experience from R&C because of that.

It's just the little things that could have used some polish....examples:

1) They seem to have cut back on the amount of destructable environment space, at least on the levels ive been to so far.

2) The levels seems smaller, just more numerous.

3) The planetoid levels while graphically looking different from each other feel rather similar so far.

4) Jump/grabs seem a little weaker...I was in one of the first levels and saw what looked like a grab point. The first time i reached for it, I actually held on for a second, but couldnt jump any higher, and when i tried again, I could not actually grab onto it.

5) The different pre-order freebies kinda irritated me. I got the insomniac moon, but i really wanted the bolt magnitizer, which i hope is still available to get somehow.

6) The pace of the story seems too fast. They spent all last game building the Lombax storyline, yet when he finally meets someone of his own race, he asks one question, gets a cryptic answer, then starts training with hover boots with the guy. ....Comon Ratchet...'What happen to my entire race' seems a more important question to ask before going figure skating. We also have seen very little actual worry about Clank from Ratchet. Some more flavor speech would have helped this.

I realize i sound like im bashing it...but for the most part these are nit-picks so far...and I'm only in the second galaxy. Just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar feeling about it or if im just feeling the 'your not Uncharted 2' dissapointment.

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