Speaker/Headphone Issues

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I figured I'd make a separate thread, I feel bad clogging the build thread with my issues. So:

I have a set of Logitech speakers, 2 and a subwoofer. They're properly plugged in as far as I can tell, the drivers are installed, the little volume indicator even appropriately rises and falls with the volume of things being played. But no sound comes out of the speakers. Everything I look at is telling me it's fine, but I still can't hear a damn thing.

Edit: Hm.

It works with just the two front speakers plugged in, but not with the subwoofer plugged in, then the two front speakers plugged into that.

Hm, also they don't work quite fine. They're stuck at a very low volume.

Edit: Okay, it does the same wicked low volume thing when I plug in headphones. Even with everything jacked up to 10, it's barely audible.

Note that I did build this computer myself, so it's entirely possible I have gremlins or something.

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    Obvious, but are they plugged into the wall, and does the AC adapter work?

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    Something is wrong with me
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