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Monitor input switching solutions?

kurokazekurokaze Registered User regular
I don't own an HDTV, or even a standard TV that is either conveniently located or larger than my monitor. Consequently, I hook up my 360 to my monitor using a VGA cable. My PC is hooked up through DVI, and I can switch the input using the monitor's controls to toggle back and forth.

I'm finding the little problems with this setup increasingly frustrating, however.

- It's about seven button presses on the monitor's controls to switch the input mode, which is more trouble than I'd like it to be if I wanted to, say, tab into a FAQ or instant message or whatever; I generally just leave it set to the 360 until I'm done playing.

- When I first set this up, when I would turn the 360 off, my monitor would notice that there was no longer a VGA input and that there was a DVI input, so it would automatically switch back to the PC. Sometime recently, this changed; now it just says 'No input' and goes into sleep mode, from which I cannot even access the menu in order to switch input modes. So if I don't remember to do a little synchronized song and dance, I have to turn the 360 back on (or hook up something else to VGA, I suppose) to get any picture at all.

I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this. I know there's a thing called a KVM switch, but I'm not sure that it would exactly do what I'm looking for here -- at best, I think it would require switching to VGA input for the PC as well, in addition to costing a bit of money. It occurred to me that there might be some kind of software out there that could somehow tell or trick the monitor into switching modes, possibly the same way that the monitor used to automatically switch when the Xbox was turned off. Or at least, maybe someone might know how to get it to do that again, or could advise me that a KVM switch or something like it would solve all my problems.

A tangentially related annoying problem is that I have my Xbox sound routed through the PC's line-in, and whenever I reboot my PC, the line-in is muted by Windows and I have to re-enable it. I can't seem to figure out why this is.

My monitor is an Acer x243w, and I'm running XP Pro 32-bit; I don't think any other details of the setup would help.

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    baudattitudebaudattitude Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Here's a VGA switcher from Newegg that will probably cover your needs on the switching bit. If you have to go through a retail store, well, I have no advice other than "Avoid anything by Belkin, and good luck"

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    elliotw2elliotw2 Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    I don't know about your monitor, but mine has a button that switches it between DVI and VGA, on the button is a box with an arrow in it. I've seen this on Dell and Samsung monitors, but I don't know about Acer

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