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Ignore this guys, I got it working. Had to assign the IP of the network card as the gatway of the router.

The reason for the whole setup is to let us share files betwen computers on a local network and not on the university network as my boss is a little worried about security. So we need a router, but the IT guys will turn off any port connected directly to a router. So we have the router conneting though the first computer to hide it.

So I had a problem dumped in my lap today. The computers in the lab I work in do not connect to the internet as of half way through the day. As the "computer guy" or the only one that can read computer instructions, its my job to get this working again. Here is the setup we have in the lab.

The university network, our connection to the internet, is connected to Computer A, A second net card connects Computer A to a router through a network switch. This router connects all the other computers in the lab together and gives access to the university net and the internet.

I did not set up this system, and the guy that did set it up died a few months ago.

So through trial and error, found out:

Computer A can get on the university net/internet just fine, and this connection is shared.

Computers on the router's network can talk to each other just fine, but the router does not appear to be communicating with Computer A. So the other computers cant connect outside the local network.

All these computers are using XP, as of now both the router and the net card its suppose to connect to are given static IPs. And the computer support guy for our department is as lost as i am with this system.

So how do I get the router to use the shared internet connection on the first computer as its internet connection?

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    You might want to check the ethernet cable connecting computer A to the router and the port on the router. Also I'm not an IT guru, but the only reason I know of to setup a network like this is if you're using a switch and computer A is acting as a router using custom software. If this isn't needed then it may be better to just plug the university connection into the router and share it that way.

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