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Wireless connection issue

mr-razzcocksmr-razzcocks Registered User regular
edited November 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Hello, H/A, I require your assistance once more.

I'm having some problems downloading stuff and viewing webpages. More specifically, the problem appears to be my connection itself, which veers between brilliant (downloading from steam at 1MB/s, instantly loading webpages) and utter shite (Steam downloads at less that 1KB/s, this very forum takes more than 2 minutes to load).

Now, here's the thing. We have 3 other computers in the house connected to the same internet connection via a wireless router, and none of them are having any of the problems I am. It is just my computer, and other than this it is in damn near perfect health.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

EDIT: I should probably mention that the wireless utility app I have on my PC is telling me my connection is perfect, when it quite clearly isn't.

mr-razzcocks on
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