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Field Commander PSP, Transmission Mode, Game On?

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(I brought this up in the PSP GO thread, but thought I would make a thread just in case anyone was interested but didn't read it.)



Field Commander is a turn based war game for the PSP. It's been out for a while, so if you can find a copy, it's usually pretty cheap. It's also available on PSN for $16. It's a mixture between simplistic (one solder is one unit, money is gained by controlling cities) and complex (most units do not have infinite ammunition or fuel and must be resupplied either in a friendly city or by a resupply vehicle, terrain affects movement range).

Here is an illustrated list of some of the things Field Commander has:






Basically, it's a lot like Advance Wars, only better.

You can pick your own faction to play as, and each faction has special abilities, there is a mapmaker, and there is Infrastructure Multiplayer. But, the reason I am making this thread is because Field Commander also features Transmission Multiplayer.

Transmission Multiplayer is similar to the old "Play By Email" system for old PC wargames, where one player takes his turn, and then uploads it to the server. The second player downloads the first players turn, and then takes his, uploading it to the server. The game continues in this fashion until someone wins or gets bored and quits. This is cool if you don't have the time to sit and play against someone for four hours in a stretch, and if the network cuts out, the most data you have lost is a single turn.

So, G&T, does anyone want to start a Field Commander Transmission Multiplayer game with me?

Here are my thoughts:
- I'm in the middle of moving this weekend, and I'd like to unlock a few more units (I've only had the game for about a week), so we could start sometime within the next 1-2 weeks
- Player 1 takes a turn one day, Player 2 takes a turn the next day, so each player takes a turn every other day
- I don't have a modded PSP (meaning I cannot take screenshots), so if you don't either, we could draw pictures of our turns and post details of our glorious battle as it occurs here on PA

So, if you are interested, make post, and we can iron out the details and get a game set up. BUT! Don't get involved unless you are serious, because even small scale games against the AI can take thirty turns or more, meaning any Transmission game we play will likely take months to finish.

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    greeblegreeble Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    I've been meaning to pick this game up for a while now... thanks for remind me. :)

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    I’ll tell you what happens in Demon’s Souls when you die. You come back as a ghost with your health capped at half. And when you keep on dying, the alignment of the world turns black and the enemies get harder. That’s right, when you fail in this game, it gets harder. Why? Because fuck you is why.
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    TeeManTeeMan BrainSpoon Registered User regular
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    I'd be interested if it weren't for work where my PSP doesn't have access to the internet. Sorry guy

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    oc2001oc2001 __BANNED USERS regular
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    I just got it last night, but have not played it yet.

    It was one of the few turn based war games that are out there.

    The other one is a war hammer game.

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    SmokeStacksSmokeStacks Registered User regular
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    Play it. It's awesome.

    I've been dicking around with the map creator and it certainly has it's limits, but it has been pretty awesome so far.

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