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Communication for completely disabled person

SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG!Registered User regular
edited November 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
My aunt was diagnosed with lateral sclerosis about 2 years ago. She is currently in the stage were all she can do is move her eyes, and her mouth (but very little).

Our only way of communicating with her is by her blinking once or twice for yes/no. It's terrible. I know Hawkings uses a computer that reads his eye movements and this is how he communicates.

Is there some commercially available system my aunt can use? What would it be called? Where do I search for something like this? This would be great for my family...

Thanks guys.

Satsumomo on


  • RUNN1NGMANRUNN1NGMAN Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Nothing commercially available, but a few doctors are doing some pretty exciting things with brain-computer interfaces for people with locked-in syndrome. You pretty much train your brain to tell a computer to pronounce sounds and words.

    This article from Esquire is really good and shows the state of the technology right now. This is cutting edge stuff, but if she's a candidate for it you may be able to find someone willing to work with her on it.

    As far as commercially available systems go, I'm pretty sure that people with locked-in syndrome still use the alphabet charts, also explained in that article.

  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Thanks for the info runningman. I'm disappointed there isn't a commercial version available, I'll have to see if any local hospital or investigator is using something like this then.

    Satsumomo on
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