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Somewhat weird internet problem.

CuddlyCuteKittenCuddlyCuteKitten Registered User regular
I'm currently living with my girlfriend in a rather small room and since were moving in a month (and we'll get a free router when we move) we have been "sharing" internet by simply switching the network cable between the computers whenever someone needed net access. This has always been accompanied by a delay but a few days ago my girlfriends computer stopped responding to this entirely.

A complicating problem is that her computer has Vista, and while I used to be fairly techsavy (had to take some basic network courses in the army) when it comes to networks I don't know *shit* about Vista.
I've talked to the ISP, they say there's nothing they can do since internet does work, just not for both computers. He did mention that their server looks the MAC address of the network card but the absolute maximum limit is supposedly somewhere around 60 minutes before it unlocks and it's been standing over night without any change.

Some background info:

- 100 mb/s provided through a regular network jack (were in a dorm).
- My computer has windows XP, works just fine.
- Her computer has Vista, does not work fine.
- My computer now responds instantaneously to getting plugged in, even after being plugged out for a while.
- Vista used to say something about "check your firewall settings". While I'm positive I haven't changed them before the problem I did check them and finally switched off the antivirus firewall and tried that. It didn't work and I'm currently running the vanilla vista firewall instead because it gives no warning signs.
- I've tried deleting the "internet connection" network. We weren't really getting our net acces through this instead we get it from "local network". I can't delete this one however because it doesn't have that option.
- I find the network, but only on the local level without internet access.

I've tried every option I can find in Vista but I could easily have missed something. I don't know how to "reset" the options either since the automatic guide assumes you have some kind of password. We don't, it's just a network connection tied to the room. I guess it could be the MAC address being permanently tied to my network card now but I don't know how that it possible either.

Help please?

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaow - Felicia, SPFT2:T
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    Mmmm... Cocks...Mmmm... Cocks... Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    I'm pretty retarted when it comes to networking.

    But ipconfig /renew always works whenever I have a problem.

    Edit: Wait, dorms.. passwords? Bet theres a software CD or somesuch that the school gives out. It's like that at just about every campus out there. You never NEED the software, it just sets everything the way it needs to be to connect to their network. It's basically the easy way out.

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