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Headphone upgrade

JWashkeJWashke Registered User regular
My Sony MDR-V6 headphones are starting to show there age a bit, Ive had to use a lot of electrical tape on the wires going from the headband to the earpiece and the pads are cracked falling apart.

I was considering either just buying replacement pads and another roll of electrical tape. Or just buying a new pair of headphones. I didn't really want to spend more than a hundred dollars or so. So I was looking at either Sennheiser HD 280 or HD 555 mostly.

I'm curious if anyone has used either of those and the V6's and can tell me whether either of those are worth buying compared to my current Sony headphones.

JWashke on


  • gneGnegneGne Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Remember that the HD555 is an open headphone, the HD280 however, is just like the V6 closed. I think all three headphones are really good. So why don't you just buy a new V6 ;)?

    Head-Fi has a nice list of good headphones:

    gneGne on
  • prfntbtrprfntbtr Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Well, I don't have the Sony headphones to compare, but I do own the Senn 555's and they are pretty awesome, I have no qualms recommending them. Obviously, if you want a closed phone, they might not work out for you, if you are going to be listening with people near by, they will surely be able to hear the sound bleeding out. The 555's are extremely comfortable to wear, check them out if you can.

    prfntbtr on
  • JWashkeJWashke Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Thats really what keeps me from pulling the trigger on 555's Is I tell myself I want a good pair of headphones for portable use as well. Even though I rarely use my headphones anywhere.

    I ended up ordering new velour pads for my V6's to keep for portable use and am going to order a pair of 555's from Amazon for home use. Thanks everyone for the help.

    JWashke on
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