Help me! You're my only hope! (Headphone recommendations.)

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So I recently found myself the owner of a shiny new iPhone. Sweet. Only problem is, I can't do earbuds. At all. My inner ear is actually built slightly off such that the buds will fit in one ear, but cause ridiculous pain after about 5 minutes that lasts long after I take them out, and the other ear they simply won't fit in at all.

I hate headphones that have the band thing that goes over your head because I find them to bulky.

The headphones I have been the absolute happiest were pretty dang close to these:

Except I found them for $9 at my local walmart.

Here's the issue: I would love a similar style of headphone that also has the little microphone bud for my phone, but I can't for the life of me find one. I'm also sure I'm not the only one with this particular problem with buds, so maybe someone can recommend something else that works?

Disclaimer: There is a style of headphone that is a hybrid of the one shown above and an earbud, and this also causes my ear to ache unbearably. It isn't the wrap-around part that's the problem, I find that endlessly comfortable: I just can't have anything -in- my ear.


Oh, price is kind of an issue as well.. I'd love to keep it $20 or under. But I'd take any suggestions, if it's more I can probably save for it or watch for it to go on sale or something..

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