Forcing a program onto Monitor 2

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So I have a 19" LCD and a 32" TV.

The TV is monitor 2 on my Radeon 3850. I can easily switch the two around using one of the hotkeys, turning the TV into Monitor 1 with the start menu et all.

The problem is, I'd rather not do it that way. If I have the TV set to primary I have to keep the TV set to VGA input to use it. If I have it as secondary I don't have as many problems if I switch to TIVO or whatnot.

However, if I have the TV as Monitor 2, fullscreen games do not load on it, they go onto the 19" monitor, detect the 19" monitor's resolution, etc. If I make the 32" primary, then they detect the right available screen resolutions and are no problem.

Is there any way to tell a program to start fullscreen on the secondary monitor? I did not see any such option in the ATI drivers or Control Center.

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    I don't know about ATI, but I know that Nvidia has hotkeys for shifting it from monitor to monitor, so there should be something somewhere

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